The Covered Bazaar

  The Covered Bazaar In 1461 Sultan Mehmet II built the first bazaar of wood, - now called "Eski Bedesten” the primiti-ve cell. After several fires the bazaar was recon-structed in 1894 (th

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The Bosphorus

The word Bosphorus means "Ford of the Cow" and takes its name from a myth: it was the favourite of Zeus, but Hera, the wife of Zeus was jealous of her. To protect lo Zeus turned her into a cow, but

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Anadolu Hisari

This small fortification is at the mouth of the stream "Goksu" (the Sky Stream) and was built by Sultan Beyazit I at the end of 14th century. [caption id="attachment_408" align="aligncenter" width=

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The Serguis and Bacchus Church

Before Justinian came to the throne he took part in a conspiracy against Emperor Anastasius and was sentenced to death. Before the execu-tion, the saints Sergius and Bacchus appeared to the Emperor an

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Golden Horn

Cafe Pierre Loti

Cafe Pierre Loti   After a steep climb of approximately twenty mi-nutes through the old cemetery, we reach a small coffee house furnished in the old Turkish style. From here we can enjoy the

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Cannon Foundry

This ancient building dates back from the con-quest of Istanbul. Today's monumental structure with several domes and towers originates from the year 1803. Currently, it's used as a military de-pot and

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The Princes' Islands

These are the islands located 19-28km off Is-tanbul in the south-eastern part of the Marmara Sea. Ferries departing from Sirkeci reach the islands in 55-80 minutes. This archipelago consists of four

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Kilic Ali Pasha Mosque

It was donated by Admiral Kilic Ali Pasha and built by the architect Sinan in 1580, on the shore of the Bosphorus. The designs of the domes and the structure of the high side walls, remind us of Haghi

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The Naval Museum

The Naval Museum Today's museum was founded in 1961. The development of the Turkish naval forces since the foundation of the Ottoman Empire can be traced here. Important exhibits are: The map

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Ciragan Palace

Ciragan Palace is on the European side of the Bosphorus below "Yildiz Park". It was built by Sultan Abdulaziz in 1863-1867; shortly after his overthrow he died here (1876). Sultan Abdulhamit II impris

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Topkapi Palace

The Underground Palace

This cistern is the grandest and most impres-sive one of its kind. The giant reservoir was built in the 6 th century. The water that came from the Bel-grade Forest 19km away, was used for the palaces.

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Galata Tower

Galata Tower   Today's tower was built by the Genoese colony at the site of the Tower of Christ (6th century) in 1348, to protect the 'Galata" quarter. In 1446 up-per levels were added and th

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